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Welcome to wuxi aochang Machinery Factory corporate website 
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          Austrian Wuxi City Wuxi Chang Machinery Factory is engaged in casting and machining expertise integrated business unit, has 20 years of production experience, with strong processing capacity and technical workforce. Our factory has first-class production workshop casting foundry casting production equipment and advanced technology, materials and appearance of first-class level, mainly produce various domestic machinery products castings, various types of valves, turbine gearboxes, automotive hydraulic parts castings, ductile iron all types parts.
          Gold processing plant with CNC machining centers, lathes, boring, grinding, planing and other equipment, advanced technology equipped production equipment, detection means perfect.
Our products:
Address:Two road, Jiangsu Wuxi New Area Shuofang Zhenfa No. 20
Tel:0510-85560068 85560078
Zip Code:214142 
Contact:Mr Zou
The integration of quality products manufactured every time always, it is concerned about such efforts only on the microprocessor to make our products and services even more outstanding. For the company to expand the brand to build a more solid platform is our desire, we will go all out to do our best, we are willing to colleagues and the community together to develop a wider range of areas of cooperation, join us and build a better future.[More]
Our qualityOUR BRAND
Ochan in the quality of the summary of the results of treatment, the success and experience to be sure the proper promotion, standardization; failures to summarize, to find solutions and to avoid the practice in the future, unresolved issues into the next PDCA cycle , and again the problems found were analyzed and summarized, so that ladder rises. To protect the quality of our entire continued upward.
We have the perfect testing equipment: non-aqueous carbon and sulfur analyzer, microstructure microscopes, metallographic sample polishing machine, carbon silicon analyzer, analytical balance, photometer, hydraulic universal testing machines, machining centers, CNC lathes, milling machines, drilling, boring, etc. We have the casting surface roughness, high dimensional accuracy, product quality is much higher than other casting enterprises. [More]
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Address:Two road, Jiangsu Wuxi New Area Shuofang Zhenfa No. 20 Tel:0510-85560068 85560078 Zip Code:214142 
Fax:0510-85312019 Contact:Mr Zou
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