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2013 machine tool industry development trend of the servo system
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         At present, China is promoting the automation of industrial manufacturing processes, this process requires a lot of industrial robots and machine tools, servo control system as a whole has very important applications in these devices. Servo system, also known as servo system is used to precisely follow or reproduce a process of feedback control systems. Servo system makes the object position, orientation, status output follows the input can be charged with the amount of the target (or a given value) of any changes in the automatic control system. Its main task is to control commands according to the requirements of the power in such as amplification, conversion and control processing, the torque, speed and position control device output drivers are very flexible and convenient. In many cases, specifically refers to the servo system control amount (output system) is a mechanical displacement or displacement velocity and acceleration feedback control system, the effect of the mechanical displacement of the output displacement (or angle) to accurately track the input (or corner), its composition and other forms of feedback control system is no difference in principle.


         CNC machine tools, servo-control system is an integral part of its. Its mission is to put information into CNC machine tool feed motion, enabling precise control.


         Among them, the role of CNC machine tool servo system that accepts a command signal from the CNC device, drive machine moving parts to follow the command pulse movement and ensure fast and accurate, which requires high-quality velocity and position servo action. The above refers mainly feed servo control, in addition to the main motion servo control, but not as good as the former high control requirements. CNC machine tool accuracy and speed and other technical indicators often depends servo system.


         Due to the high requirements when processing CNC machine tools, servo control system uses so crucial. Currently servo control system for use in CNC machine tools, and its advantages are: high accuracy, precision servo system is the output level of input that reproduces the exact amount. Including the positioning accuracy and contouring precision; good stability, stability refers to the system at a given input or outside interference effects, can after a short adjustment process, to achieve new or restored to its original state of equilibrium.

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